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Woodstock weekend, August 15-17, holds a tragic and significant place in Tina’s family. Tina and her late husband, Geoff, shared a passion for music, which they instilled in their son, James. Geoff particularly enjoyed Jimi Hendrix and other musicians who headlined at the legendary Woodstock music festival, demonstrated by his venerated poster of Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock. Their family bonded over their shared affinity for creating and appreciating deep, heartfelt tunes. But one day, in 2006, they received terrifying news. Geoff was diagnosed with lung cancer. Geoff’s hard-fought but a short-lived battle with lung cancer lasted two months until he died on Woodstock Weekend. Tina and James, who was 11 at the time, moved to a different town not long after Geoff’s passing. Once Tina and James settled into their new home, James was introduced to drugs by some older kids in the neighborhood. This introduction to drugs became the catalyst for a long, fatal bout with addiction. James was kicked out of his school for possession of marijuana, and then was continually ostracized by visit here schools in the area. Tina struggled to find a place where James could get a good education for years, since so many check my reference schools did not want to deal with the challenges that came with having a student who struggled with addiction enrolled. Eventually, James earned his way back into high school, but then Aetna coverage for Valium Rehab suffered a serious physical injury on July 7th, his father’s birthday. James was prescribed pain medication for his injury, which led to relapse. The last photo of James and Geoff together James eventually dropped out of school because it was teeming with drugs. James continued to struggle with addiction to all kinds of mentalhealth drugs, and showed a preference for hallucinogens. In and out of recovery centers and programs, he experienced relapse and suffered a psychotic break.

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what is methadone liquid